Sport in all its glory !

Steam.Prod... steam... Or when the calm of the water meets the fiery fire
(concept developed by Bélénos, one is never so well served as by oneself, of course)...
Or when Benoît Fontaine (Bélénos) forms an alliance with an old accomplice, Jérome Jacot (JD Com)
for a beautiful project.


The Golden Triangle

The principle is simple: it is based on these three pillars which, by collaborating, on the one hand contribute their know-how
and on the other hand, each has an advantage.

The Sports CLub

highlights its performances and/or activities and also offers the opportunity to its sponsors to put themselves forward

The Sponsor

ensures the funding of the video
and removes real and concrete development
of his support


professional technical means to clubs
at reasonable rates

The result :

videos in TV format, or any other desired format,
in the form of abstracts on sports events or thematic reports
dedicated to the life and side of the club.

They trusted us...

Videosummariesreportsbroadcastsby steam.prod

Steam.Prod ensures the recording of the matches, the professional comments of the match and the summary with specific formatting for the club and highlighting of the sponsor.

Production of complete broadcasts for the club: specific graphic charter, dedicated generics, original presentations and full reports.

Production of a video showing the complete course of a participant in the Juventus Turin courses in one of the participating clubs in Belgium.

Creation of thematic reports on themes dear to the Ligue francophone de handball, integrating in the final layout the elements of the existing graphic charter of the LFH.

For two years, Steam.Prod played the role of Web TV for RFC Seraing. Complete summaries of home games, monthly magazines, reports on the life of the club, examples are legion. We do not resist to share with you here the after movei of this event that was the second of the final of the Cup of Belgium by receiving at Pairay a club of D1A...

Find all videos made for the RFC Seraing on the Steam.Prod website.

There are a few more... we still put it on you? As a partner, the club sometimes had special requests. Like making a video to promote a specific action for fans. And in these cases, as you can see below, we are capable of anything to please the customer... :)

Do you want more "like these" ? It's to find here, on the Steam.Prod website of course ! (how did you guess ?)