Éclairez efficacement vos publics !

This is a reality for any communication professional... You can’t not communicate.
Not communicating is already a way of communicating… So we might as well do it intelligently…

In corporate communications, there is a telling saying:
"if you don’t communicate, others will do it for you". Implied: "and not necessarily as you want".

And then, as long as you have defined a beautiful image of yourself in the phase of image positioning...
Might as well take the same care to spread it, this image, right?

And to do this, in this modern era, the means of communication are not lacking.
Physical or dematerialised media, sent by traditional or more technological means,...
everything - or almost everything - is possible. Ultimately, the most difficult thing is to make the right choice.

what channels did you choose ?

The objective of this audit is to establish an inventory of the means you have chosen
to spread your image and messages.

You have made choices

...consciously or not. Do you remember: "we cannot not communicate..."


We'll explore why

you have chosen the communication tools that you have developed, exploring what has pushed you in this direction.


A study also "a contrario"

We will also consider the leads you have rejected and why.


Mapping your network

will be the goal, by visualizing the branches you have enabled, if they are effective.... and those that are missing.

Just as in any strategy game...

In any strategy game, you first choose how you are going to set your pieces on the game plan, then you decide how you are going to move your pieces, first according to your conception of things and then also taking into account the movements of your playmates.

Communication follows the same logic

In the positioning phase, you have developed and arranged your game plan arguments. We will now develop, in this strategic phase, how you will distribute them in the future (in substance and form) to your allies (personnel, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.), to those you need to convince (customers, influencers, etc.) and to those who, consciously or unconsciously, will also contribute to your image and that of your products and services (media, general public, etc.).

optimize your messages

The communication strategy is the culmination of the above-mentioned process of reflection. It is based on the communication charters developed in the image positioning phase and applies the findings made during the communication audit and the reflections resulting therefrom.

and there was light...

"Illuminate your audiences effectively" indicates the header of this page. When it comes to communication, this is what it’s all about: to inform as best you can about who you are and what you do and thus spread your image and promote your actions.

There is no shortage of means of dissemination. It is therefore necessary to choose the ones that are most relevant to you, both strategically and budgetically, in order to ensure the coherence, uniqueness, credibility and identification of your image.

In this wide range, Bélénos can achieve a good part...

printed medias

Corporate brochure, brochures of all types, folders, flyers... let your imagination speak, I will put mine at your service to materialize it!

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If the Web strategy goes a lot through social networks, the website remains an indispensable in terms of credibility and professionalism for your presence on the Web.

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visuals for stands

Thanks to specific visuals adapted to your charters your presence at fairs or fairs will also be consistent, unique, credible and clearly identifiable.

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corporate videos

In just a few minutes, summarize the essence of your activities, of what you are. A must have in the current media landscape.

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Your activities summed up in seconds, dynamic and impactful. Ideal for broadcast on all modern networks.

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sports videos

A special product: a desire for video tracing
your sporting exploits? A complete match
and/or a commented summary
in a professional manner?
This is where it happens, too!

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professionnal reports

Want to present the life of your sports club, your association, the activities you organize, the services you offer...
I put my picture-making skills
at your service.

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