Make your media shine !

It is difficult nowadays to develop an activity, whether professional, associative or artisanal, without ensuring a minimum presence on the big canvas.

While social networks offer many essential possibilities in this respect, the own website remains a sure value.
Some Web players offer ready-made formulas at affordable prices. However, the services they offer are often limited
to allow a true differentiation and a satisfactory customization of the site put on line.

A personalized website in your image

In this specific area, I offer a range of services:
the writing of texts on your site (respecting the mode specific to the Web: simple and direct)
to the complete realization (texts, graphics, animations, layouts,...).

Functional and modern

Whether it is a redesign of an existing site or the creation from A to Z, I create your site by respecting the SEO (referencing by design) criteria and inserting the options you want (Analytics, forms, etc.).

Do you want more ?

If the ambition goes even further, I serve as an intermediary and coordinates the realization of your dream site by calling on the graphic designers and webmasters of partner companies with whom I collaborate regularly.

You decide what's next !

⇒ You don’t care about anything: I take care of everything for you.
⇒ You manage everything yourself: with the tools I will have put in place for you.
⇒ An intermediate formula to be defined

from the first look,
they know it's you...

My watchwords are meaning and consistency.

This identity that we have (possibly) defined during the image positioning phase and that we have (possibly) cast in marble via the charters (communication, graphics, etc.) will be the common thread of the process of materialization of websites.

The goal is for your media to most accurately reflect your identity - what you are and what you do - making you identifiable at first glance.

A few examples are better...than a long speech !

Pro Security
Pro Security
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Pro Security
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Security Infor
Security Infor
Services presentation
Security Infor
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Catalogue in pdf format

The ProSecurity and Security-Infor websites are no longer visible online. However, you can discover the site Tooling-Services live.