Let your image shine !

"Know thyself"... Gnothi seauton, in Greek in the text for the Hellenistic patentees.
This phrase engraved on the pediment of the temple of Delphi is the oldest of the precepts quoted by Plato.
A basis for personal development... To be able to enter into full relationship with the other,
You have to know who you are first.

Monsieur de la Palice would have said the same: to communicate, it’s still better to know what to say!
Especially since in a professional setting, this communication has a strategic scope.
So we might as well take the time to define who we are (the image of the company or association)
to build this strategy, both on substance and form, on solid foundations!

who are you and how do we see you ?

The objective of the audit is to identify as clearly as possible how you are perceived
in the different spheres in which you operate.

It’s all in that sentence, actually

The bottom line is how you are perceived by your different "audiences".


We will activate the tools

to know and probe those who convey your image, both within your structure and outside.


The "clearest possible" image

is the goal to be achieved, in direct link with the objective pursued and in line with your means.


An arsenal of techniques

exist, we will define together those that best meet your expectations and your budget.

Lay the basis

Image positioning is the basis of all communication. It is he who will define the guidelines that will guide the whole of this communication, both in substance and form.

Combine the images

Well anchored in reality, your image will be nourished by representations made by your various audiences. It all blends into the mould of the image you want to broadcast.


If I had to take an image (hey hey hey hey...), I would say that in this strategic phase, we will build the locomotive of your communication. You will quickly understand the meaning of this allegory...

the caterpillar becomes a butterfly

If communicating is in human nature, mastering communication is much less. It is no longer about spontaneity. And at the same time, not really control either: wanting to control one’s image would be illusory.

However, knowing what we are going to say, how we are going to say it and who is already laying the foundations for a more than consistent balance. This is the art of Image Positioning.

and there was light...

In the communication strategy, they set the goal to be achieved, the direction to take and at the same time enlighten you on the path that leads to it.

If in the positioning phase we have built the locomotive, the setting up of these guides is similar to laying the rails: those of the communication charters.

Except that the locomotive follows the rails by nature, the charters are there to ensure that the image does not derail...

entreprise charter

It touches on the very essence of your image.
In a few thoughtful paragraphs, she summarizes the quintessence of what you are and do.

communication charter

Instead, it focuses on the substance. Keywords, arguments, concepts are its basis to guide the content of the messages that will spread your image.

graphic charter

She is interested in the form: the logo is the figurehead of it but it is accompanied by the definition in detail of the colors, the typography, the layout,...

the ultimate goal

of these charters is to ensure the consistency of your image.
Which will make it unique, credible, and identifiable among all the others.