See clearly through your procedures !

Behind any activity, there are procedures: administrative tasks, management of files, ...
They are manual or automated, and at the end of that is you and your employees.
In the best of all possible worlds, the procedures are there to facilitate the work, not to bring an extra load...

This charge is sneaky: it occurs while we do not expect it and without even realizing it.
It is enough that one link in the chain does not fully play the role that is expected of it.
No question here of malice! The ignorance of this role or a poorly controlled tool and the grain of sand settles in the wheels.

And as often your goals are oriented "results", you move your nose in the handlebars to reach them.
Without the time to step back and see where to place these small drops of oil
that would allow you to pedal slower while having the same results.


another insight into your procedures

The objective of the procedure audit phase is to describe the situation as clearly as possible
objective but also subjective, according to the experience of each person involved.

Observation and listening

are the key words of this approach, focused on the human and human relations


Your work methods

are at the centre of attention as well as the tools you use and the results to which they should lead you.


Outside perspective

Bélénos brings this external look and this "meta" vision on your daily functioning.


Locate grains of sand

which binds the cogs as well as the points of friction where it will be necessary to place the small drop of oil is the ultimate objective of this approach.

A real plan for you and your team

The diagram allows you to visualize who does what and when. It allows you to intervene at any time where you need to and when you need to. It allows each person involved in the procedure to situate his action in relation to those of others.
A bit like a map allows you to follow the right path to your destination... or to find it when you leave it.

Identify areas for improvement

Based on this plan, the strategic study will outline the avenues open to you: optimize the tools you already use or consider those that would allow you and your employees to be more efficient. This, in full knowledge of what they require in terms of skills and preparation.... And of course costs....

map your procedures

In terms of procedures, the strategy phase is based on a major tool: the diagram. It summarizes in itself all the mechanisms that come into action when you and your team pedal in the handlebars towards your goals.

It is the tool par excellence of procedure management !

and there was light...

Finding grains of sand in mechanics is one thing... but not an end in itself. Understanding what binds the cogs makes it possible to place as effectively as possible the small drop of oil where it is needed.

The diagram made it possible to carry out the first step. In the second, it is useful to allow each cog to understand its role in the whole of mechanics... or to allow it to better master the tools it uses to carry out this role to success. And there’s a perfect tool for that...

the user guide

Everyone knows what a manual is: you have all read one in order to operate a vacuum cleaner, a kitchen robot… or used to mount Ikea furniture! In this case, it’s the same: the operating instructions are intended to be as detailed and clear as possible - like an Ikea assembly plan… and even better since it is more specifically adapted to the user for whom it is intended - to serve as a reference point for each element involved in the procedure and to enable it to perform at its best in the tasks that fall to it.