See clearly through your procedures !

Procedure Management Tools, Operating Instructions and Operating Diagrams
are also a great way to enable those who use your products and services
to take advantage of it to the maximum and in complete autonomy!

from the first look,
they know it's you...

My watchwords are meaning and consistency.

This identity that we have (possibly) defined during the image positioning phase and that we have (possibly) cast in marble via the charters (communication, graphics, etc.) will be the common thread of the process of materialization of documents.

The goal is that your supports - even internal schematics and user manuals! - most accurately reflect your identity, who you are and what you do.


It is often easier to see how a software works or how a service runs by visually representing it. Only by large descriptions.
The diagram then makes it possible to visualize at a glance the articulation of the mechanisms in place, the sequence of tasks and the role of each

In short, managing your procedures to the best of your ability…

So explain to the client how it works...
It’s still clearer that way, isn’t it?
Machine operation
To understand how the printer works
Data origin
Where Information Comes from for a statistical study
How the case is managed
Excel files
It is also a way to make things easier

Isn’t it said that a little drawing is sometimes better than a big speech? It is the course of action that Bélénos sets for himself to develop this specific communication tool that is the instructions for use:
rather than writing long technical (and often forbidding) texts, offer users of your products and services illustrated and attractive materials that ideally illustrate how to use them.


Visual step-by-step instructions for use
Access plan
It is also a form of instruction manual...
Access plan
And by combining the images it’s even better!
Wiring diagram of home automation modules
Do it yourself
Notice to manage yourself the website created by Bélénos