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prism for communication

The destiny of the Bélénos agencyis closely linked to that of its founder, Benoît Fontaine.
That’s why I prefer not to talk about myself in the third person......

Successively journalist, company communicator, consultant then manager in communication and I.T. with in addition training in professional coaching and personal development (CNV, Emotional Intelligence), I have acquired through these experiences skills in these different areas, which make me a sort of prism of communication.

While waiting to get to know each other better during a first meeting, here are some milestones that should allow you to better understand the character...


light as a methodology

The light has a great symbolism, both in my life journey and on the professional level. The name of Bélénos, the Celtic god of light, naturally imposed itself on me, especially since it sums up the philosophy of work that I wish to carry out in collaboration with you.


the reality is complex

Whatever field of activity you are in, you are faced with different situations that you need to manage or want to improve. These situations are complex and the result of several factors. A bit like light is composed of several beams of different colors.

see clearly

Such situations call for solutions. And often, an external look makes it possible to become aware of the best path to follow. My approach is, in fact, the opposite of that of a prism: to gather the colored beams and find a pure and clear light. That is to say, take into account the different factors, untangle them and recompose them to make the situation clear and more manageable: lead you to find specific solutions that suit you.


at yourservice

manage your image

Master your communication both
in substance and form

communicate & spread

Deploy the most effective means
to deliver your messages

manage your procedures

Map your work methods
to improve your performance


the bélénos method

1 - organise the colors

The first phase is observation and findings: the audit.

2 - let the prism work

Analysis, reflection, proposals... the second step is strategic.

3 - bring out the light

We enter into action : the implementation of tools adapted to your needs.

the bélénos logo

It summarizes in itself the three steps of this method as explained in this video.

all summed up in a few sentences...

The communication charter is the keystone of image positioning.
It summarizes in a few focused paragraphs what you are, what you do and how you do it.

It is often said that shoemakers are the worst in the world...
Well, I didn’t see any reason in this adage for not having my own charter...

the bélénos charter

Bélénos is specialized in the areas of Communication and Coaching. He is also able to intervene in the field of I.T.
His know-how is based on solid training and is enriched every day by the experiments carried out in the field.
Bélénos accompanies each client – private, company or institution – in a personalized way
and implements all possible means to meet his needs and wishes.
With this in mind, Bélénos sets up a real interaction in order to put all his professionalism and seriousness at the service of your objectives,
in the strictest respect for the person and the ethics.
Its ambition is to allow small and medium-sized structures wider access to professional communication techniques as well as front-line technological support in order to make known their know-how and activities. It can also serve as an intermediary and interface to specialized providers
for more advanced interventions.

The Agency’s signature is explicit :

Put your activities in the spotlight !