Make your media shine !

Flyers, brochures, annual reports,... all the documents you publish convey your image...
then we might as well think of them and carry them out in a professional way!

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Ready to print...

I then take charge of producing your documents and finalizing the files in the desired format depending on the printing method you wish to use.

... or already printed

If you want to go through a printer, either I provide you with the appropriate files (or I send them live) and you deal directly with them, or I act as your intermediary and provide you with the finished product.

from the first look,
they know it's you...

My watchwords are meaning and consistency.

This identity that we have (possibly) defined during the image positioning phase and that we have (possibly) cast in marble via the charters (communication, graphics, etc.) will be the common thread of the process of materialization of documents.

The goal is for your media to most accurately reflect your identity - what you are and what you do - making you identifiable at first glance.

Printed documents

Presentation brochure, product catalogue, price lists, activity reports, newsletters, flyers, stationery, etc.
Printed materials are the first ambassadors of your image and those of your products and services. It is therefore essential that they are well thought out and reflect as well as possible what you can bring to those who will read them.

Press release

The mainstream media have their habits. And they also have their own way of writing. Knowing them allows you to meet these aspects and maximizes opportunities to see them convey the messages you would like them to convey to their readers, listeners or viewers.

Visuals for stands

On a fair or on an exhibition, it is sometimes enough a detail to attract the barge. A well felt visual meets this description. As well as an original way of presenting its products and services…

Free SMSa
Presentation roll-up
IFPM Ouvriers
Roll-up de présentation
IFPM Ouvriers
Presentation roll-up
IFPM Ouvriers
The roll-up 'on site'
Visual for material presentation panel
Built panel (everything is working)
Panneau en démo sur salon
Material panel with visual
Construction of mobile panel
Working panel in mobile version
Mobile panel on site
Complete assembly of visuals on stand

Logos creations or adaptation

And what do you put first on all these media, including audiovisual or electronic (emails, social networks or websites)...?
Your logo of course. Bélénos can also help you define it… or do it in collaboration with even more savvy graphic designers in this field!