Make your media shine !

Promotional clips, video reports, vlogs,... all the audiovisual media that you publish convey your image...
So we might as well think about them and carry them out in a professional way!


All formats... for all budgets

On the technical level, according to your needs, the destination support... and your budget, we define together the means to be implemented: I take charge of a own production or I call on directors, camera(wo)men, sound takers, editors,—and I coordinate their work. In any case, I provide you with the support in the format you want, adapted to the medium of diffusion.

because in the audiovisual sector too, you are worth it...

from the first look,
they know it's you...

My watchwords are meaning and consistency.

This identity that we have (possibly) defined during the image positioning phase and that we have (possibly) cast in marble via the charters (communication, graphics, etc.) will be the common thread of the process of materialization of videos.

The goal is for your media to most accurately reflect your identity - what you are and what you do - making you identifiable at first glance.

Made to measureprofessionnallivelyengagingvideos

Video presentation of the validation of skills within the Technological Industry, produced for the IFPM Ouvriers.

Promotional clip for Celem’s extra portable screen, produced in collaboration with JD Com.

After movie of the awarding of certificates to the winners of 2019 IFPM Ouvriers' sector testings.

Video presenting the "Technios" products of IFPM Ouvriers, mixing different coordinated sources at the heart of a global animation.